Thursday, May 15, 2008

Designer Collection, NIFT Bangalore 2008

Having a lot of friends in the Fashion and apparel industry, I’ve had more than one chance to interact with the more glittering side of our world. Though not an artist myself and never a genius in recognizing art, I still somehow find the glamorous world of fashion intriguing and interesting. And now I am much drawn to it after last night. Apart from Pretty faces and scintillating beauties walking the ramp, I for once understood that creativity can inspiration can come from anywhere and in any form. Colors wrapped in satin and silk, blended with themes reflecting on remote regions of the world to the more environmentally aware I saw that the youth isn’t just about looking pretty anymore or myopic in its local society. These young aspiring designers and to be famous designers of tomorrow showed and indicated that one has to be aware of a world beyond their neighborhood and to be looked upon in a global and more importantly responsible progress, which sometimes can mean retracing the steps we’ve taken so far.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Sailesh,

It really feels good to see some-one not from fashion background appreciating the fashion industry. Most of the time this industry is surrounded by criticism. Although the designers put there 100% effort to make beautiful outfits, and we wearing them feel confident about our looks. Putting all the traditional art and craft in contemporary styles, is really a great job. I am also a NIFT pass out, and I know the amount of effort goes behind each and every creation. the NIFT Graduation show on 14th evening was the resul of months of hard work and research work of students.....and the show was really good.

I wish all the students a great future ahead.Hey guys, feel free to get in touch with me. I have got hardly 2 years of work experience in garment industry. But i know, the NIFT word and working in the Garment industry, is very different. When I passed out.i was very confused ....where to work, start up on my own or....wht to do next..