Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Something About Friends – A prelude to a long story

Friendship they say can show many colors. Men, on one hand treat friendship like football kicking it around and there never will be cracks. On the other hand, Women treat friendship as a delicate piece of glass and it often shatters. Even so, one has to wonder why two friends part ways and more so on a bitter note.
I’ve had friends of sorts like most of us. We’ve had childhood friends, friends in school. Then we meet new people and make friends when we’re in college. We find colleagues who are our friends and friends who’ve become colleagues now. In this crowd of acquaintances, there will be few in front of whom we can think aloud without feeling stupid. To them one can tell one’s deepest desire and despair and not feel haunted anymore. But then best friends have known to be one’s nemesis too. Remember Julius Cesar and Brutus? Brutus always was able to justify his action in the name of greater good and well being of his compatriots. But can we all do the same when we’ve betrayed our friends for our own selfish needs? Not always.
But then what is an act of betrayal and what might be an act of treating your priority and individuality and desires above those of others (especially friends) for your own good?
Love they say happens only once and you should let nothing come in between you and your love. But what happens when you and your best friend are in love with the same person? Or say you and your friend are both fighting for the same dream job you’ve always wanted? Talking more extremely, what happens when you and your friend find each other on the opposite sides in a war? Who will make the sacrifice and who will triumph? Will beating your friend in a race or such situations be called an act of betrayal? On might argue that all the above illustrations wouldn’t be comparing apples to apples. Fighting the war is your duty and for the job is professional competition. But is it still when you know taking a shot a second late deliberately will get you killed but might save your friend. Not taking an interview will get your friend a job and may leave you unemployed and missing a date can leave you without love and very lonely for the rest of your life? It is here where I’ve always thought that a metaphorical reference to the Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the fittest” suits best.As a social animal in today’s aggressive society one has to compete and conquer and run a race against many other alike us. So why is it get different when the guy you’re competing is a friend? Perhaps, in a perfect world one would never cross path with his friends but in this real sad world there’s just one spot on the top you can let a friend have it or it could be you. No worries.

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