Thursday, March 02, 2006

Shopping with my Girl Friend

Last Sunday, I made plans to go out for movie with one of my female friends. For some apparent reason and some insistence, I decided to give her company for shopping too. I guess, the reason was that I needed to shop too. This is what happened:

10:45 AM - she decides to shop for some apparels for herself.

10:52 AM - I still can't figure out why we have start so early!

11:20 AM - we enter Garuda Mall.

11:25 AM - We decide to do her shopping first as there are 'only' 4 hours before the movie show and she needs that time to shop.

11:30 AM - Decide to visit Pantaloons first.

11:32 AM - Black t-shirt right length too tight.

11:42 AM - Maroon t-shirt right fit but too short.

11: 43 AM - Green t-shirt in right length and fit but not available in pink. Pink has been declared as the favorite color.

11:45 AM - I suggest pink t-shirt that seems to be of the right fit and Length. Severe feedback received on the unsuitability of color of piping. I was then requested to refrain from further comments or input.

11:47 AM - We find a wonderful yellow t-shirt. She loves it. Things are now starting to look good. She asks me if she was looking fat in it. I simply mentioned that the arms seemed to be a bit too tight.10 minutes of heavy criticism were delivered on spot which was equally split for me and the t-shirt. Mothers of both briefly referred to.

11:50 AM - Pantaloon found to be severely short on choice, colors and sizes. She looses her anger on security guard. Cashier however is politely spoken to as he is cute.

12:00 PM - Westside endowed with our attention and time. Initial reaction positive. The lighting highlights complexion well and air conditioning is just right. Saleswomen aren’t hot babes. Things are looking good.

12:05 PM - Kurti in orange has bad red embroidery.

12:06 PM - Kurti in orange without embroidery is too plain. I suggest a nice brown sleeveless shirt. I was then curtly reminded of previous request to "SHUT UP WHEN I AM DECIDING!!!"

12:07 PM - Kurti in orange with just the right embroidery. Hurray! No wait… She already has a similar top. Damn!

12:08 PM - Pink t-shirt is perfect but way too tight. Pink is a horrible color. I agree. Maroon is actually the favorite color. (I am hungry.) I agree to that too.

12:15 PM - NO ONE WEARS T-SHIRTS ANYMORE! “Absolutely!” I say. Button down shirts here we come.

12:16 PM – she Asked me if the neck was too deep. I took my time to decide and for that I am almost slapped. No guys around to notice, Phew!

12:20 PM – I Suggest a lunch break. A heavy plastic hanger with metal clips comes flying right at me and misses my right eye by inches. Sorry!

12:30 to 2:30 PM - Finally the perfect blue loose shirt with a spot-on neck and an immaculate print design on the front. She tries it on and asks how it looks. I tell her she looks like Phoebe in one of the episodes of season 4 (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.). This time hanger did not miss. Ouch!

3:00 PM - Paid for the top and it's in the bag now. We proceed towards the men's section.

3:05 PM - Two shirts, one t-shirt and a pair of jeans tried, packed and paid for. She complains of too much delay and possible missing of the movie. I briefly mention that it was difficult trying to shop with one eye in bandages!


Rajeswari said...

One does tend to feel compassion and profound pity for this selfless soul on whom the pain of shopping with the female fraternity was bestowded upon in abundance. But with careful reading it can also be observed that this man had his cake ate it too!! Good one Shailesh..totally hilarious ;-)

Anonymous said...

I hope it was better the other day at Forum :). Am I right in guessing that it's the same person?

-- Sameer

Shivanshu said...

dude! a good piece of art there, but, I heard that it was all cooked up, is it?

mana said...

Man absolutely awesome..
Tats the reason i go shopping alone..i can understand the torture u guys undergo;)


priyanka said...

Hmmm...I bet wid u on dis, the whole xperience wouldn't hv been so awful???? as it seems!!11....i kno u mite hav njoyed evry bit of it nd it still leaves a smile on ur face whn u recall the way tht was d first nd i kno thr had been many more//>>>Well now i would like 2 read another blog sayin " Shoppin wid ma girlfriend's friends- d ultimate torture"!!!

ach_85 said...

nice post.... i am sure u spoke for a lot a guys. :)

Shailesh Mishra said...

Well, I am hoping that someday it will help make girls more sympathetic to our woes. :)

Anonymous said...

At least you dint have to leave the building this time around. Im sure this was much better than roaming arnd the whole of Blore and eventually (stressing on this part again....EVENTUALLY) landing up across the street from the house to buy SHOES!

Hemant tomar said...

ha ha ha h aa .......... hillarious hillarious ............ i cant stop laughing .... hats off man i never go shoping i hate it !!!