Monday, March 06, 2006

Hallowed Be My Name!

Hello World!

No, this is not the output of a C program picked up from a crappy ‘Teach yourself C programming in X days (where ‘X’ is a Global Unsigned Integer variable)’ book.
This is my greeting to you – the lesser Mortals of this Cyber World!

I have now decided to make my presence felt in this world of Hexadecimal code. (This is just a metaphor. The code can be in Decimal Octal or Binary also. Chances are that it might ever be encrypted with some obsolete algorithm). My existence on the Internet now has a purpose (stronger than the one before) which is more than just binary (or ternary in that matter) in nature! I have finally come out of my silent ‘Samadhi’ (aka Meditation in a more profound manner) to give Gyan to those lifeless souls wandering in the lost highways of this digital world!

I will enlighten all who come to me and in time, they too will grow (almost as) wise like me. I shall reach out to those who haven’t still found me and guide them to my home (… page). At times, I have to come down from the pathways of the cyber world as an avatar in the real world to offload chunks of information for those souls who haven’t yet come and discovered the Internet!

But let us not waste time here with puny words as they often fall short and inadequate to express even a fraction of me. For now, let’s just look at the bigger picture in its whole eternity as you who respectfully and with faith follow for I shall save You from the perpetual blue Screen Error you seem to continuously fall into.

Welcome to the Jungle – My World!

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