Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My partners in crime

I had loads of fun in college. I guess everyone does. And when those days are over and we’re banging our heads on a regular basis on our workstations rather than on Rock n roll you know those days is history for ever. Well, almost for ever… Recently, I had a re visiting to those moments… Well not to the college exactly but to the life I had in college.

And to take me there were these two wonderful, devilishly though imps who had come to make my life hell… Er, I mean heaven. It was fun and though I did miss being in college with them me missing these moments spent with them more so. From partying late night and long drives to Nandi Hills in the dead of night… sloshing ourselves completely and remembering nothing of it was just a part. From philosophical discussions and confessional walks to sinful indulgence we did it all. Not a road where we didn’t burn rubber and not a disc left in town which we didn’t go painting red.

Fagging at the corners of our street and smoking cigars in pubs was so very like us. Pulsating music in the night to pulsating hangovers in the morning was something we woke up to every morning. No, I think it was waking up in the noon and then running off to work then. Checking out the chics and passing snide remarks. Picking up on girls at the parties and regretting for those we didn’t try on. From tasting wine to smoking hookahs and buying whatever cheap beer we could with the left over money we had. Eating left over pizza of last night to cooking food (rather messing up the dinner) or sleeping on ready to eat food.

They’re gone now but still left me with te same swinging mood I can’t get out of. And I hope it stays till the time the visit me.. again. Posted by Picasa

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