Thursday, August 31, 2006

Return to the college – chapter 1

Looking back in retrospection, I can actually see myself taking the role of a student again for quite some time now. Well more in NIFT than I did in my own college on the sincerity part. Starting out by helping few friends to get over with their C exams to making full projects and typing out project reports on topics of garment expertise seem to become quite much a part of my life now. I can in fact tell you the difference between different denims or weaves, knits, twills and where to buy what if you need to buy fabric cheap.

I still do night outs but not for my own projects anymore; either its work that keeps me up or some God forsaken assignment which is there in the term course of the students of NIFT. Those who know me wouldn’t ask why and those who don’t wouldn’t be visiting this blog at all.

Well, it isn’t the role of a student only that I play in NIFT. I am now adept in giving crash course lessons in C, C++, computer architecture and couple of more things. By the end of the season I’ll graduate in MIS, DBMS and probably in Visual Basic 6 too. Like I said before, it all started with my helping people with their power point presentations, then their ITP projects and then finally doing an ITP project all by my self - That too in the name of someone else. Rather, in the name of two someone else’s.

Well, it hasn’t been an easy journey. Earlier, I had only one head to feed whatever I called knowledge into and now I have many. Interestingly it has been quite a mix too. I’ve seen people who need enough material that they can “reproduce” in their exams to those who want to understand enough to get them through the exams and to finally those for whom I still need to understand how much is enough. Some like to have coffee while studying and some beer. In fact, most would rather have beer first and then the session (referring to the first kind in the interesting mix I was talking about earlier). I started with training only one in the first semester to ten in the fourth and it has its price and as well as rewards. My title in the college has moved slowly, sluggishly even from being just a “jerk” to “He’s some jerk”. Well thankfully I haven’t yet attained the title of “He’s the jerk” till now. At least in a way I wouldn’t want it to be.

Anyway, with four more semesters of my “return to the college” left, I wonder what lies in store for me.

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