Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Findlay Trip

I’ve always had a thing for travelling and almost any reason’s good enough for me to step out of my neighborhood. So when I got the chance to come and work in Findlay, I was more than just being enthusiastic about the whole deal. For one, it’s been some time that I’ve got decent work to do and I was quite seriously bored with my Arse squat in Bangalore and more significantly, a new town to visit.

Though, I’d expected it to be a town somewhat smaller than the ones visited by me earlier in the Uncle Sam’s territory, it unexpectedly came out to be as a refreshing change to be in somewhat quiet place. With the onset of Spring I was counting on a lot of outings and outdoor stuff. Though the weather till now hasn’t been quite on my side and somewhat deary, things have started to look brighter now.

Haven’t been able to locate a lot of places of interest in the near vicinity yet (with considerable intervention to the weather too) I plan to do a little more excursion in my free time. I’ve been able to locate a couple of local bars in the neighborhood of my hotel and for now they’re keeping me satisfied.

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