Friday, July 31, 2009

The Hoaxes and What people will believe

Sometimes it is so irritating what people will put on the net and others believe! I've been literally spammed with emails about these two revolutionary expose that should put rest of the world to shame. Let's listen to the hoax first and then let's list down the facts.

But before I'm alleged for plagarism, let me put my credits in line. Thanks to Sufi S. who've put the information on the net and debunking these claims.

Hoax of Mr. G Vaidyaraj and his Diamonds
"Shock for the Nation !!! (Believe it or not) Do you know that India is the richest country in the world! (They don't even get their Grammer right!)

Right now, India is the richest country in the world! Wondering how? It's
really amazing.

It's due to Mr. G Vaidyaraj, who donated all his wealth, about which he
actually did not know. He is a descendent of Raja Krishnadev Raya from Mysore district.

For the last 300 years or so, three stones were worshipped in his house.But nobody tried to see what it was, except this person, who is a lawyer by profession. One day, when there was nobody in his house, he took the stone out to see what it was that they worship.
Due to the dust deposited on it, from many many years, it looked only like a simple stone. But when he touched it, some portion of the stone was cleansed. And he saw a bright ray of light.
He saw something which attracted his attention. And he was amazed when he cleaned all of them.The whole room was filled with light. He discovered they were diamonds of about 4600 carats each.

He informed the Govt. of India and the news is censored with its security (Did These Guys ever leanr English?). It's now deposited in a Swiss Bank. (Why? Indian Banks are not safe Enough?) The cost of single diamond exceeds the GDP of USA + UK. India can buy
virtually 7 developing nations. Even World Bank does not have enough money to buy it. One diamond costs thrice the debt of World Bank over India. One such diamond can buy 10 Bill Gates to you. And the World Bank has proposed the Indian Govt. that it can pay India in Installment if it wishes to do so.
  1. India's GDP is 34.25 billion dollars.
  2. Bill Gates property is 95 billion dollars approximate so that is the way 'nature changes' (Huh?).
Our Prime Minister has refused to sell it. He said it will be sold or mortgaged for credit when we need it. Otherwise right now we have no problems.

You can go through Times of India with a small column on it a week ago (Give me the date if you've really read it!). Star TV presented a 115 min documentary on it about 15 days ago.
The Hindu with its half page article in it. After that it was censored as classified."

Now the Facts:
someone decided to do a little bit of search in internet to find out more about this and typed in "proud to be indian". They found out that this is a mantra that is chanted again and again, as if it took some repetition before you could believe it?

Google said "proud to be indian" has been indexed 14, 300 times.

Not happy with that, they did some cybersearching on G Vaidyaraj and his diamonds. Vaidraj + diamonds yeilded only 976 results. But its amazing to take a look at what they are. Click on the previous link to see the results. While the whole email was pasted virtually everwhere, no one had either proved or disproved the claims mentioned in it.

Now Dig This:
"The cost of single diamond exceeds the GDP of USA + UK"
Well now, here's the thing. The GDP of the USA is $11.75 trilllion. The GDP of the UK is $1.174 trillion. Adding those together you get $12.984 trillion. Now if you divide that by the diamonds weight of 4,600 carats, you get a cost of $2.8 billion PER CARAT. Some time ago someone brought his wife a half carat diamond, and it did not cost him $1.4 billion for it!

Now for some simple arithmatic:

"India can buy virtually 7 developing nations."
Meaningless statement. which developing nations? Tuvalu? Viet Nam?

"Even World Bank does not have enough money to buy it."
Why would they want to? What would be the point?

"One diamond costs thrice the debt of World Bank over India."
Make your mind up! First you say that it's worth $12 trillion, now you are saying they are worth 3 X $42 billion = $126 billion. Way less than $12 trillion we think you'll agree!

"One such diamond can buy 10 Bill Gates to you."
Here you go changing your mind again. Bill Gates is currently worth $43 billion (ish). Which now makes your diamond worth $430 billion.

"And the World Bank has proposed the Indian Govt. that it can pay India in Installment if it wishes to do so."
But why would it want to? What would be the point?

"India's GDP is 34.25 billion dollars."
No it isn't. India's GDP is $568 Billion.

The Hoax of the Indian boy in his 12th standard who disproved Einstein's "Theory of Relativity".

The Story goes as: "Shocked? Read on... Sudarshan Reddy has theoretically proven the existence of a sub-atomic particle, which can travel at speed greater than that of light, thereby challenging one of the fundamental postulates of the 'Theory of Relativity'. In his recent research paper submitted to the Institute of Advanced Physics (IAP) at Trieste (Italy), Sudarshan has proved the existence of a class of sub-atomic particles called leptons', which can travel faster
than light. The international physics community is shocked by this discovery.

Dr.Massimo Martelli, President of the IAP has this to say about the paper submitted by Sudarshan. 'After long, careful and critical analysis, I can confidently say that Sudarshan's re search papers show tremendous leap in our understanding of physics. His investigation mounts up on 'leptons'.

His work builds substantially on the work of Einstein and others in the field of relativity.' When physicists from Princeton University tried to measure Sudarshan's IQ with an IQ-meter (at the American Embassy in Delhi), the meter broke down. Sudarshan, incidentally, is the brother of
Madhu Reddy, the Indian whiz kid who developed an operating system superior to Microsoft Windows. We should all be very proud of these boys."

  1. There is no such thing as the Institute of Advanced Physics in Trieste.
  2. Dr. Massimo Martelli is a Cardiologist, not a Physicist.
  3. There is no such thing as an I.Q. meter.
  4. Sudarshan doesn't exist. Neither does his supposed brother, Madhu.
  5. Anyone who thinks making a superior OS to MS windows is a Wizz, doesn't really know what he's talking about! Hasn't he heard of MAC - OS.
Burst you Bubble? Ces't la Vie!


Namrata said...

sometimes i have to give you credit!! you do write well!!!! and intelligently with a high degree of leonism;)

Abhinav said...

Good one dude. Appritiate your work :)

jykthemuse said...

love your insight. I'm back in the game now. Have been posting a lot lately. Nothing really personal though. Good to see u going strong.

Mathai Fenn said...

THe original credit goes to Mathai Fenn

Shailesh Mishra said...

@Mathai Fenn
Well you may be right about that and I'm simply not into I-Arch. Like I said Earlier, the research ain't mine. I found it on Sufi's blog (Total random Blog Search) and if you want the credit it's all yours.


__crazy_t_rex__ said...

The title says (Believe It or Not)

so ..


Fellow Traveler said...

Thanks Shailesh.
It is better to expose such idiots spoiling image of intelligent India. As if world around them is fool and podium of mockery!

Hardik aka 'The Lurker' said...

Mac is superior to windows? Dude you are spreading more hoax by stating personal preferences as facts. And another thing: knowledge of English grammar doesn't make a nation great. Look at Japan or china or other European countries where people cant even speak English. Its unfortunate that we Indians consider knowledge of English over everything.

Shailesh Mishra said...

@Hardik aka 'The Lurker':

Does it matter if MAC is better than windows or Linux is the savior? My perspective... you choose or abandon it. No Pressure!

I don't consider the knowledge of English being the perfect tool for economic/personal rise to salvation. Go ahead, right your blog in Hindi/Urdu or your regional language. But do it right. That's what matters!

S-FAMILY said...

People from India are fond of symbolising the things...
Stories from epics are great examples of symbolisation.
Similarly depositing a 4600 carat diamond studded idols at swiss bank may symbolise with crores of rupees deposited at swiss banks by our politicians, business men and all those who could accumulate enough money from India... Poor of India will remain poor till their death... they can not read english or surf net...

Anonymous said...

Shailesh Mishra ji tussi gr8 ho!
Aap english pe comment karto ho lekin apni english aise likhte ho "Now if you devide that by the diamonds weight of 4,600 carats, you get a cost of $2.8 billion PER CARAT. Some time ago someone brought his wife a half carat diamond, and it did not cost him $1.4 billion for it!" Kindly take a look at the spelling of DEVIDE!!!!
Coming to your prob wid Mr Gates and GDP of ..... Who is going to buy that stuff in any case and for what? What we need to find out is are there such diamonds or no. GDP or otherwise those are all trivial questions. BTW largest diamond ever found was 7000 carat, so wud b interesting to know that these 3 diamonds exist or not.
However, wud ack that gud work about the relativity theory.

Vicky said...

Nice work, good and detailed info. But to be honest, it simply didnt sound true in the first place. Still wanted to check it out and the top most info one gets on google on this topic is your rebuttal.

Shailesh Mishra said...

@Anonymous Pankaj: Thanks for pointing out the Typo! I've got that one fixed. Seems you should run a Spell Check on your post before posting.

Shailesh Mishra said...

@Vicky You Just put a Smile on my Face Bro!!
Thanks for the compliment but me hitting the top of Google Search Results.... Finally, I must've done something Right!! :D

syed said...

I really appreciate your analyse based on 4600 carat diamond allegation.

I just like to add some more information to support your argument.

They mention in that e-mail "prime minister Vajpai refuse to sell it".

Who is the PM in July 2009?
It is Manmohan Singh, where did vajpai comes from, we need to think this one as well..

ajayarajb said...

really intlgnt work
socially comited

this is actualy straight forwardness

cyrano-the-cynic said...

good work. very good work. but, unfortunately, for everyone like you, there are at least twenty frothy spammers who write absurd nonsense about India, and twenty thousand fools who would believe that. may god give us some self respect to see ourselves as we are.

tom and jerry said...

India's wealth lies in its youth(35% of Indias population- almost 2 times American population)and not in this material treasures

Rekha said... is a fantastic work done by you................ But argument may take you somewhere else even it may disprove some of the facts...........

Anonymous said...

Good analysis& presentation of facts.

Unknown said...

this will surprised the readers as well as SHAILESH. what i am going to write:
I am writing as per the description of the gemstones word to word. This has been certified by none other then RETD PROFESSOR OF GEOLOGY Mr. SRINIVAS RAO (MSc).of central college banglore He was also vice president geological society of India..Now dont tell me he didnt exist.
the first stone was the worlds largest sapphire having 12 rays star, 1370 carat Star Natural Sapphire with 12 line ray 7.62 cm, 3" in height n 5.08 cm in diameter, cacohon cut blueish grey colour.Opaque belongs to to Mother of Rocks of Corandum family with hexagonal structure, semi translucent.
second gem was
Rajarathna is worlds largest star natural ruby, cacohan cut,6 line ray, star,semi translucent belongs to Mother of Rock of Corandum family with hexagonal mineral strudture. After 2 yrs the Rajarathna ruby was repolished. In this process there was a loss of 15 carats of weight of the gem consequently this ruby weighs 2460 carats.
the third gem was
ravirathna has 3553 carat, pomegranate coloured star ruby with 6 rays
I have the certificate with me n officially selling it

Unknown said...

sorry it's not a HOAX

astrovidya said...

Very good work. I just received this diamaond mail and reddy vs relativity. I felt it was flawed. Perhaps, the author did not know how to put it.... I check up with your blog. Wha, very authentic and most logical. I like you ideas and presentation skills. Good luck

meditate said...

The moment I read about an IQ Meter, I knew all this is nonsense.

Anonymous said...

What do you think should be the cost of one diamond according to RETD PROFESSOR OF GEOLOGY Mr. SRINIVAS RAO (MSc).?

Shailesh Mishra said...

Dear പുട്ടാലു:
Yes it is.
And kindly note I've mentioned the name of the guy who originally posted it.
Also, never have I said "I".
I've always said "They". Hope that makes you happy. I believe in giving credit where it's due.

Yours Sincerely!!

Anonymous said...

The initial post and the rebuttal date back to 2001 and still doing the rounds...Thanks

Amit Dev said...

Really surprised and naturally delighted.

Samuel Varghese said...

Excellent work. Friend!